Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Virtual Classroom...

I feel like I really missed out not being able to attend the 'Campus Sessions 1', but, due to work commitments, it just wasn't possible.  I know I would have benefited greatly from meeting Rosemary and my fellow students on the program. It can feel quite isolating being on an open learning course and I would have relished the company and support.

I really appreciated Rosemary’s blog on the session and decided that, although I wasn't able to be there in person, I would set up a virtual classroom and attempt some of the exercises.
I read through the articles, made notes on the authors and visualized how I would have tackled the feedback session. Reading the articles helped me in my construction of my Web 2.0 technologies blog.

I decided to tackle one of the exercises recommended by Rosemary and write down the definitions I would have given:-

- Web 2.0 – the new-look internet where surfers can interact and share information with other web users.

- Blog – An online diary which logs events, activities and thoughts.

- Wiki – Website where users can add, edit, or remove information.

Plagiarism – Using somebody else’s work and claiming it as your own.

Learning – Absorption and retention of knowledge or a skill.

Communication – Giving and receiving information either face to face or through any medium.

- Collaboration – Working with others in order to achieve the same goal.

- Convergence – The coming together of more than one idea to form a common concept.

- Knowledge – Information known to a person or community.

I then considered the various communication methods outlined in the blog and how I use most of them in my everyday life.

I enjoyed watching the video feedback sessions from fellow BAPP students. I was impressed with how much they achieved - I’m sure I couldn't have come up with so much in such a short time. It was helpful to hear how they felt new technological tools could help in their professional development.  It was also so nice to be able to put names to faces.

On reflection I believe this was a positive learning experience for me, as it increased my awareness of communication methods and increased my confidence in tackling self-directed learning. Hopefully, I will get to meet everyone soon.

Betty x

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