Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Link to My Prezi

Motivating Boys in the Dance Class

If anyone is looking at motivating boys in the dance class please get in touch and I can share some of my literature and findings with you. Alternatively there is a contact form on my weebly.


Betty xx

Monday, 2 June 2014

Today was my first and last day at University!!

Today I did my presentation, was so nervous but also proud of what I have achieved. I will put a link to my Prezi tomorrow to hopefully help others.
Was so great to meet Paula, Alan and other students presenting.  It was very informal and Paula and Alan immediately put me at my ease. 
My presentation lasted about 15 minutes and I chose to use Prezi as a medium for my presentation.  I used cue cards to support my slides and also as an aide memoire.  I followed Paula's' advice and had a slide per minute. 
I received positive feedback from other students.
Bernadette pointed out that taking photographs from Google that don't appear to have copyright attached might not necessarily mean that they aren't copyrighted, my artifact is still very much work in progress and I really appreciate her comments, I aim to look into copyrighting rights further and may change the photographs in my artifact.  Has anyone else researched copyrighting?  
Sharing my research project has given me confidence to take my presentation forward and present my findings to my employers as I feel colleagues could benefit from my inquiry.
I truly enjoyed the afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyone artifacts knowing the journey that they had been on mirrored my own. 
I feel quite sad tonight as I come to the end of what has been an incredible journey both professionally and personally.  
Good luck to all those who are presenting tomorrow.
Thanks to all those who have helped me along the way, especially those from the SIG group, Sarah, Clare, Bobbie, Chelsie, Georgie, Hayley and Steph.
Thanks also to Paula, who kept me on track and focused.
See you all at Graduation:):)
Betty xx

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


Please check out my website on motivating boys in the dance class.  It is full of lots of tips and ideas on how to keep the boys in your dance class engaged and on task.
I am constantly adding new ideas and working on improving the webpage, so bookmark my site and keep checking back.
I am hoping to add comment boxes and contact information so we can keep in touch and share experiences.


Betty x

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The final steps of the BAPP journey:) Eeeek!!

As the end of the course looms ever closer, it is a good time to reflect on how this course has changed me as a person professionally and personally.

18 months ago I was singing on a cruise ship, struggling to get internet and feeling desperately homesick.
Today I am choreographing  musicals for two local Secondary school, teaching dance at a Musical Theatre academy,working as a SEN teaching assistant and living on land:).  Quite a change!

In one of my old blogs I likened myself to Rita in the film Educating Rita and apart from not changing my name to Susan, this analogy still applies. She too entered the alien world of academic learning and embarked on a journey of self-discovery which culminated in the changing of her aspirations and ambitions.
 This course has enabled me to do the very same supporting me in my transition from performer to dance teacher.

My aim was always to be the best dance teacher I could be, but now I have an understanding of how to do this, ethically and professionally. The course has taught me the importance of questioning my practice and finding answers to those questions, taking my academic learning to a new level and heightening my problem solving skills. I can now read a piece of research, analyse it's usefulness for purpose, extract from it relevant data and apply it to my practice. It has given me a new appreciation and understanding of the works of the theorists and  provided me with teaching and learning strategies I can apply to my own practice.

The course has given me the confidence to carry out my own research project, by following a carefully designed and structured pathway, guided by tutor and peer support from online SIG groups and blogs. At each step of the journey the course asks us to reflect not only on our practice but on our strengths and weaknesses. It is as much as about self-discovery as it is about academia.

Work based learning suited my lifestyle, during the course I've worked on cruise ships, pantomimes and several touring shows:) there has been comfort in knowing that wherever you are in the world (excluding rubbish ship internet), the course and a whole support network  is only a click away. (It is amazing how close you can become to people whom you have never met). I have developed strong friendships and a valuable professional network for the future.

As I end this course I am proud of myself  and of what I have achieved.
Finally, my transition is complete!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Weebly????? Should I change my plan AGAIN!!!

Having started my artefact booklet, I realised that it would need to be a book to get in all that I want.  So have decided to change my original plan AGAIN!!! I am designing a web page on Weebly.  It's in the early stages and has a long way to go, but I already feel more comfortable with my decision.
I can keep adding to it long after the course has finished and it will be a quick online tool for other professional dance teachers. Have a look and see what you think.  It is in the early stages so feedback would be great.
Betty x

Thursday, 27 March 2014


Hello fellow bloggers:)
In the process of designing my booklet and wondered if anyone else was thinking about or had actually produced a booklet for their artefact.
 I am using all the information I've gathered to put together a booklet about creating a learning environment in the dance class to motivate boys. I don't really want to reference every page with where I got the information from and thought I would just put a google doc link on the last page linking to where I got my references from.  I would also like to put a link to some of the useful webpages etc. I have found. Can anyone see a problem with this or has anyone actually done this.
Help greatly appreciated
Betty x. 

Friday, 28 February 2014


Hi bloggers,
I came across this inspirational lecture by Sir Ken Robinson.


Although it does not directly link to my inquiry, it is interesting for me as a Teacher to hear the value he puts on the importance of teaching the arts.
I am at the moment reading an article suggesting that the high incidence of boys in special needs education might be attributed to the lack of teaching knowledge around catering to the mindset of boys.

Although, Sir Ken in his lecture discusses the dancer Gilliam Lynne, I can see parallels with the boys I teach  in mainstream education and wonder how many of these fidgeting, hyperactive boys, would thrive in the dance class if dance wasn't so stigmatised by our western perception of masculinity.

Betty x