Monday, 25 February 2013

New Beginnings

Hard to believe that my last blog was on January 5th, it seems a long time ago and such a lot has changed since then. I ended my last blog feeling positive and optimistic about my future.  I had set myself new goals in order to achieve success on this course and develop my career prospects.  It was an enormous gamble for me to turn down cruise contracts, especially when finding work in the industry is so tough, but I know I needed time to be at home in the U.K. and time to commit myself fully to this course.

Since my last blog, I’ve had time to reflect and time to plan my career progression. As my aim is to eventually go into teaching I applied for, and was successful in obtaining, a teaching job for a dance academy in Manchester. The job involves teaching 3 classes of varying abilities on a Saturday.  The role is a new role for the Academy and the Principal has recognised the need for his Musical Theatre students to have skills in all three Musical Theatre disciplines -  the so called ‘triple threat’ (i.e. dance, singing and acting skills) and so advertised for a Dance Teacher/Choreographer.
I have to admit I found the audition/interview process terrifying. I was required to plan and deliver a dance class aimed at teenagers.  I wasn't aware of the standard of the pupils or how many would be in the class. The Principal of the Academy observed the class and took notes.  Even though I had been the dance captain in my last contract, choreographing a piece for an unseen class was daunting to say the least. Fortunately I was successful.

Starting at the beginning of something new is exciting for me. Being involved in its planning, structure and design is daunting but exhilarating too. It also offers me the chance to be creative. It gives me the opportunity to try out new concepts, ideas and skills which I know will help me in the future. 
I have also accepted a singer/dancer contract for a Musical Theatre tour, touring England and Scotland. I have worked for this company before and so feel no pressure or apprehensions  about the contract as I know what is expected of me.

I think I have already come a long way since I started this course back in October and I am looking forward to the next module.  Good luck to everyone for tomorrow for the results, lets hope it's good news for all of us!!
I have just about completed my next blog (4a) and so hopefully I will get to post that on here soon.

Betty x

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  1. Hi Betty,

    Sounds like everything is going well for you! I've just added you on facebook so you can join the group to discuss different SIG's and see what everybody else is thinking. Looking forward to seeing your ideas for inquiry and would appreciate your opinion on my posts aswell :)