Thursday, 27 March 2014


Hello fellow bloggers:)
In the process of designing my booklet and wondered if anyone else was thinking about or had actually produced a booklet for their artefact.
 I am using all the information I've gathered to put together a booklet about creating a learning environment in the dance class to motivate boys. I don't really want to reference every page with where I got the information from and thought I would just put a google doc link on the last page linking to where I got my references from.  I would also like to put a link to some of the useful webpages etc. I have found. Can anyone see a problem with this or has anyone actually done this.
Help greatly appreciated
Betty x. 


  1. Hi Bethany it sounds as though you have thought this out. Personally I think you should just put all the references at the end of the booklet as tho you would in a book perhaps? With the direct websites or like you say a google doc which holds that information. It helped when Paula reminded me that this is mainly for our professional audience and were giving something back to them so keep that in mind? I'm personally opting for a video I would appreciate if you I could check out my blog on my artefact? Hope that was helpful.

  2. Thanks for reply Hannah. Having spoken to a few people they are all of the same opinion as you and I am going to put the references at the back of the booklet with links to relevant articles as recommended. I have struggled with the artefact, but finally think that I have something tangible and worthwhile for my professional audience. I think you can get so caught up in the inquiry process, that the focus is taken off the artefact. Will definitely take a look at your blog. Thanks again. Betty xx

  3. Yes just talked to Ahmet today - he said he still uses his artefact for his drama PGCE - worth taking a look on his archive blog - it was about resources for theatre practitioners returning to teach - he has now made it into an interactive wiki that others on the course add to. Your idea sounds like it will have the steam to continue being useful in your classroom and maybe to others on BAPP - think this through - Ahmet said in his mind his work is still a work in progress'. Think about something that people would like to have!! References are important here so I would think they are an immediate part of the artefact in some way...

  4. Hi Betty, I'm JP, I'm a little behind, but I'm looking into everyones blogs now to try and catch up...I hope you look at mine, and help me out too over the next few weeks...I think that's a brilliant idea! It would be easily accessible for everyone, a format most students nowadays are used to working with on a daily basis, and find comfortable to use in our technological world we live in.