Monday, 2 June 2014

Today was my first and last day at University!!

Today I did my presentation, was so nervous but also proud of what I have achieved. I will put a link to my Prezi tomorrow to hopefully help others.
Was so great to meet Paula, Alan and other students presenting.  It was very informal and Paula and Alan immediately put me at my ease. 
My presentation lasted about 15 minutes and I chose to use Prezi as a medium for my presentation.  I used cue cards to support my slides and also as an aide memoire.  I followed Paula's' advice and had a slide per minute. 
I received positive feedback from other students.
Bernadette pointed out that taking photographs from Google that don't appear to have copyright attached might not necessarily mean that they aren't copyrighted, my artifact is still very much work in progress and I really appreciate her comments, I aim to look into copyrighting rights further and may change the photographs in my artifact.  Has anyone else researched copyrighting?  
Sharing my research project has given me confidence to take my presentation forward and present my findings to my employers as I feel colleagues could benefit from my inquiry.
I truly enjoyed the afternoon and thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyone artifacts knowing the journey that they had been on mirrored my own. 
I feel quite sad tonight as I come to the end of what has been an incredible journey both professionally and personally.  
Good luck to all those who are presenting tomorrow.
Thanks to all those who have helped me along the way, especially those from the SIG group, Sarah, Clare, Bobbie, Chelsie, Georgie, Hayley and Steph.
Thanks also to Paula, who kept me on track and focused.
See you all at Graduation:):)
Betty xx

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