Monday, 21 October 2013

'Boys don't Dance' an inspirational video

Fantastic video - showing an inspirational teacher - motivating boys to dance.  It is exactly what I've been looking at.
In the beginning of my inquiry I had a discussion with a P.E. teacher who filled her after school class by just changing the title from boys gymnastics to free running and this formed the basis of my inquiry and subsequent research.
I've copied the link for other BAPP Students


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  1. Hi Betty,
    Thanks for sharing the link. Really good, motivational stuff here. I particularly liked the fact that Mr. Green chose something that his students might relate to (02.59) , talked in strong words like dominance (04.29), and gave an example of this being a 'life skill' (04.44). It helped to place the word dance in both a context of the real world, the students' world and took away that stigma (that still seems to exist) about dance being 'for girls' (Kojo, 0.47)

    Relevance to the student places learning with a meaningful context, making it more personal, rather than just 'you must learn this' with no explanation as to why.
    Although my inquiry participants choose to come to dance I am still finding phrases like 'correction with explanation' (Participant 004, 2013), expressing myself not just one way of doing things (Participant 007, 2013) and why. This indicates that, however reluctant or enthusiastic the students are, there is still a vital need for relevance in learning.