Wednesday, 23 October 2013


After a long chat with Paula and great feedback from Rosemary I have looked at my Professional inquiry and made changes that I hope will make my Inquiry clearer.
Would value feedback about my new revised plan:)
Betty xxxx


  1. HI Betty,
    That's a great document. It's so clear and definite, giving a real shape and purpose to your inquiry, particularly with the inclusion of the interventions to 'put into practice' what you have been researching.
    I feel like we are very ying and yang in our inquiry approaches, with yours starting with research and putting into practice and mine taking existing experience (students) and applying theory with a view to understanding for future practice.

    Your artefect sounds really useful too - not a final answer but an ongoing and evaluative tool that takes in, as you say, a wide circle of teachers. I really look forward to seeing the finished video.

    Good luck,

  2. I think I commented on the variables - yes intervention is the best term - thanks for this - Your updated looks like it was useful for others. Can you update us again about how it is going?