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Task 1a...

I have decided to upload my professional C.V. This is the C.V that I send out to prospective employers, and hand out at auditions. I have also uploaded my informal C.V, which formed part of my personal statement for this course.

I think my informal C.V gives a holistic insight into 'Betty Wells the person'. However, I appreciate that employers are really interested in whether your credentials match their brief and simply do not have the time to read long drawn out C.V’s.

I am interested to see what other bloggers feel about the contrasting styles and would value any feedback. Betty x  

Betty Wells C.V

Date of Birth:  24th December 1990
Contact Number: 07789226712
Email:  bettywells@mail.com
Height:   5ft7ins  168cms
Build: Slim   
Hair:   Blonde     
Eyes:   Blue      
Nationality: British
Bird College - National Diploma in Musical Theatre
2007-2010  - scholarship place
Royal Ballet School – mid/senior associate 2004-2006
Northern Ballet Theatre – mid/senior associate 2002-      2007

Vocal Range: Belter/Soprano

- Ballet                        - Contact         - Jazz                            - Contemporary
- Jazz Pas de Deux     - Tap               - Ballet Pas de Deux      - Basic Gymnastics

Performance Experience
Viking Cruise Liners           Lead Vocalist                          11/09/2012-15/10/2012

Aladdin                              Singer/Dancer       Dubai             1/06/2012-2/7/2012
Main Feature Productions
All Our Yesterdays          Singer/Dancer       U.K. Tour      18/2/2012-22/5/2012
Timeless Theatre Productions
Fred Olsen Cruises
Black Watch Cruise Ship                Lead Vocalist//Dancer    5/2011 – 11/2011
Boudicca Cruise Ship                       Singer/Dancer                8/2010 – 4/2011
Mirage Production Company                  

Crazy For You                                            Tessie                               12/2009
Studio Theatre, Sidcup                                                        

John Frieda Hair Show                            Model                                12/2009                                                  WellaStudios, London

Harrods Christmas Parade                   Lead Dancer                    11/2009                                             Knightsbridge

Noitamina                                                  Ensemble/ Dancer          07/2009          
Orchard Theatre, Dartford
Harrods Christmas Parade                  Masquerade Dancer       11/2008                       
Harrods, Knightsbridge   
Legends, Icons and Idols                       Lead Dancer                    07/2008                        
Orchard Theatre, Dartford

Jack and the Beanstalk                          Ensemble                        12/2006                                                     Channel Theatre Productions, Buxton Opera House                                                                                                                            
 Aladdin                                                        Ensemble                       12/2005                    
Channel Theatre Productions, Buxton Opera House                                                                                         
Cinderella                                                    Ensemble                       12/2004                    
Channel Theatre Productions, Buxton Opera House                                                              
Robin Hood                                                  Ensemble                       03/2003                    
Pele Productions, Lowry Theatre, Manchester            
 Snow White                                                Ensemble                       12/2003                    
Channel Theatre Productions, Buxton Opera House                                                                                                                           
Dick Whittington                                         Ensemble                       12/2002                    
Channel Theatre Productions, Buxton Opera House         

I have decided to post for my informal C.V. a copy of my Personal statement, which I believe gives a much better insight into 'Betty Wells the person', my experiences and my aspirations.

Informal C.V.

My  name is Betty Wells, I am 21 and I was born on Christmas Eve, 1990.  I am from Stockport, near Manchester.   

Martha Graham once said that ‘Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery’, I totally agree with this statement as every day I discover challenges and new avenues to explore in my dancing career.

I can’t remember a time when I did not dance and I cannot imagine living my life without dance in it.  Since the age of two, the regimes and disciplines of dance have controlled my world.  It has become my discipline, my means of expression and my release.  It has given me the most exciting moments and also the lowest.  I have always known that my career would be in dance, I simply do not know what else I could do.

I am totally committed to my art. My younger life consisted of dance training every night, every weekend, shows, competitions, dance exams and training.  Once a fortnight I was allowed out of school to train with the Royal Ballet and every Saturday I got up at 5.a.m to drive to Leeds to train with Northern Ballet Associates. I missed sleepovers, parties and social events, but I didn't care as long as I was dancing.  It shaped my childhood memories and my childhood relationships.

I am totally passionate about dancing, I believe the sacrifices I have made to study dance prove my complete dedication to the art.

Academically I passed with distinction most of the major ballet/tap/modern exams and attained my R.A.D. Advanced 1 ballet qualification.  At 16 I was fortunate enough to be awarded a scholarship to study at Bird College in London for a Higher Award Diploma in Musical Theatre. Leaving home at such a young age to live in London was daunting for a naive 16 year old, but the desire to learn about dance was greater than the fear and I spent three memorable years studying all the major dance disciplines.  I danced every day with a very busy schedule and although I had a scholarship I needed to work part-time in order to pay for accommodation, this meant having to be self-motivated and self-disciplined and my life became a balancing act. However, on reflection I am confident that these struggles will allow me to manage my time effectively and take on the demands of an open learning course alongside a dance contract. 

The National Diploma course helped me explore the mind-set of other dancers and I studied in depth such artists as Martha Graham and found an excitement in looking at choreographers and dancers that shared the same passion for dance.   Embarking on this open learning course will give me a fresh opportunity to broaden my knowledge base and enrich my personal development.

I qualified from Bird College in July, 2010, frustratingly missing out on a distinction by a couple of marks. This was a learning curve and I realised that with just a little more effort I could have achieved a distinction - a mistake I won’t make again.  I finished the course in July and was fortunate to immediately be offered a contract with Fred Olsen as a Singer/Dancer, I completed two 6 month contracts for them and it felt such an amazing achievement being paid to do something I love to do.

I am applying for this course as I see it as an extension to my dancing career; I would like to eventually teach.  As a student I attended Centrepointe Dance School in Manchester and I frequently taught dance to younger students. My teacher commented, even then, that she felt I had a gift for teaching and I have never forgotten this, always knowing that in the future I would like to teach. 

Whilst at College I was offered the opportunity to help out at an international dance summer school as a volunteer. I immediately accepted and again thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I was in charge of over 30 foreign students, most of who did not speak English, but dance, I believe, breaks down barriers and I soon found I had no problems with communication and felt a strong bond through dance with these eager youngsters.  Mata Hari once wrote ‘The dance is a poem of which movement is a word’.

I was recently on a U.K. tour with Timeless Theatre Productions as a Singer/Dancer. Part of this role involved teaching children from the local dance school a short routine to perform in the show. I really  enjoyed this part of the role and felt I was able to connect with these young dancers. I am excited by their energy and enthusiasm and I find such a reward in channeling the energy they have into the dance and in seeing their sense of pride and accomplishment.  Helping these children has reinforced my desire to teach and I now believe the next step in my career is to embark on this open learning program in order to get my BA Honours Degree in Professional Practice.

I am not afraid of the workload and look forward to exploring different aspects of dance and also discovering more about myself by reflective practice.  I feel I have the right qualities needed to embark on this course as I am self-motivated, hardworking, dedicated and self-disciplined.  I am looking forward to building on the foundations I have already laid down in my dancing career.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

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