Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Getting Started!

Hello…… to my fellow bloggers it’s Betty here (I’ve always been called Betty, Mum decided I just didn’t look like a Bethany). Finally I can sit down and write my first blog.

Firstly, I must apologise for my lack of communication. I honestly really do exist. Life has just been so hectic. I finished a cruise contract on Tuesday and moved into a new flat in Manchester on Wednesday. I have just unpacked, have a brew in my hand and I’m finally ready to begin.

I was somewhat naively hoping that whilst I was away on the ship I would be able to write my blogs and study. But the reality was that the internet connection was erratic and if I ever did manage to ‘connect’ it frustratingly crashed. So that along, with bouts of severe sea sickness (despite wearing sea sickness bands), has resulted in me sitting here - weeks into the course - in a panic with what feels like a mountain to climb.

Today is the first day I have managed to negotiate my way around the site. I must admit I've had a lovely afternoon looking at everyone’s blogs and thinking how clever and interesting everyone seems to be but also how far behind (and dull) I am!

I am feeling apprehensive and daunted by all the ‘catch up’ I've got to do, but also excited by the anticipation of a new learning experience.

I’m going to try and remain positive. I’m here now and have a few weeks off until my next contract. I’m very keen to get started and in the words of Lao-tzu, founder of Taoism, ‘the longest journey begins with a single step’ so here I go………

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