Sunday, 17 March 2013

4d My Award Title Proposal

Initially I considered the award title:

B.A. (Hons) Professional Practice in Musical Theatre.  

My rationale for this being that my Diploma and training up until this point has been geared towards Musical Theatre. It is the subject that I have trained in, that I am qualified in and also reflects my performance experience to date.

However, after reflection I decided that this course is all about my transition - practically and academically - from performer to teacher, and my title should reflect this progression.

On discussion with non-dancing friends, family, colleagues, students at the academy where I teach, and basically anyone that was prepared to discuss it with me,  I have discovered that, although the term "Musical Theatre" is widely used and respected in the industry, the majority of the general public do not recognise the title. I felt that the term Musical Theatre is a title attached to ‘active’ performers and not easily associated with teaching.

I deduced from this that I need to make my qualification title clear and descriptive so that it can be readily understood in the field of Education, as this is where I hope to further my career.

I therefore decided that my title needs to:

.  Be a readily recognisable formal qualification;
.  Reflect my previous vocational background;
.  Reflect the learning process of BAPP course; and
.  Be relevant to my future career aspirations.

I brainstormed all my ideas and eventually, after much deliberation, settled on the title:

"B.A. (Hons) Professional Practice in Performing Arts"

This title fulfills all the criteria I set out above, sounds professional and is recognizable.

I would really love some feedback as to what other students think.

Betty xx

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