Monday, 11 March 2013

4b ‘A day can slip by when you’re deliberately avoiding what you’re supposed to do’

I've spent so much time reading and analyzing everyone’s blogs and completing online surveys that I’m at risk of neglecting my own! Procrastinating is a great friend of mine and I get so easily distracted.  I can honestly say I've really enjoyed filling out the surveys. They have been very thought provoking and it has helped me conceptualise my own ideas.

So moving on to 4b…

This task is all about setting up Special Interest Groups on the programme of study pertaining to our inquiries, therefore identifying other students with similar interests.  Kindly, Clare Orlandi, Sarah Robinson and Lee Taylor have set up groups for the dance teachers amongst us.

As these groups are up and running,  I felt it would be overkill to set up my own group at the moment. However, I think for the future, as ideas evolve and develop, there may be a need set up a SIG to look at specific aspects of teaching. I do feel comfortable and privileged with the expertise surrounding me.

It has been so refreshing to finally interact with other students and to share experiences and ideas.  It does feel good being part of an online sharing community and to have the sense of "we are all in this together" camaraderie, helping out one another. This doesn't happen very often in the competitive industry we are all involved in.

It is fascinating to discover how interlinked all our inquiries are proving to be and how much we are going to be able to gain from interacting with each other:

Bobbie  is looking at Student-Teacher relationships, Louise - at discipline in the classroom, Clare - at  psychological transition from childhood to adolescent, which links in with Sarah’s inquiry on emotional intelligence in dance education. Gee is looking at success and how dance training can affect our self-esteem.  Chelsie, Lee and I are researching what makes a good teacher. 

All of these topics are fascinating for me as a newly-starting dance teacher. It is such a bonus having access to the ideas and opinions of professional teachers with such a wealth of experience and knowledge. I am anticipating lots of interesting debates and discussion.
I am hoping to get a survey up in the next few days. Pretty please fill it in!!

Betty xxx

Quote - There's Treasure Everywhere by-Bill Waterson   Calvin and Hobbes


  1. Hi Betty,

    Glad you've found everything useful, it's the same for me too and I totally understand what you mean about reading everybody else's blogs and filling in takes up a lot of time but like you said there's a lot to be learnt from it so I'm sure it's worth it. Will fill in your survey when you post it!


    1. Hi Clare,
      Another first, just posted my survey on Facebook and on here, I would really appreciate it if you could fill it in for me.I found it restricting only being able to ask 10 questions, but hopefully the questions will get me started. I'm starting to research around the subject of motivation, discipline, creating the right learning environment and what makes a good teacher, but finding it so time consuming. On tour at the minute and teaching in my spare time. Do you plan your study time in advance? Betty xx