Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Researching Motivational Strategies

I have been researching motivational strategies in the Dance Class on the internet and have concluded that there are several contributory factors to consider when looking specifically at motivating students.  

I have composed a set of questions which I hope to get onto a survey for colleagues who are teachers and the dance teachers on the course.  I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas from fellow bloggers.

Discovering Boundaries
Do you have a set of class rules?
Do you spend time with the class explaining the importance of rules?
Do you allow students to devise and set their own rules?

Creating an Enabling Environment
Do you encourage students to take risks in class?
Do you set tasks that are achievable? 
Do you set tasks that are well below the students' capabilities?
Do you encourage students to carry out self-assessment?
Do you reward students when they succeed?
Do you give immediate feedback?
Do you encourage students to set specific goals for themselves?

Creating Positive Relationships
Do you use humour in the class?
Do you encourage students to get to know each other?
Do you show students you care about them?
Do you make yourself available after class for discussions?

I am starting to think that my inquiry on motivation is too broad and that I might need to focus on one element of motivation. Help!

Would appreciate any feedback.  
Betty x

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