Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Moving on with Module 3......

I thought I would just write a quick blog to update where I am up to with module 3.

Planned Intervention  
Following a very productive meeting with my employer we have agreed a plan that will hopefully cause the least disruption to my dance classes.  He is supportive of my inquiry and is satisfied that my intervention will not be to the detriment of the girls

9th November - Observation lesson. I have arranged for a teacher to carry out an observation of the lesson and make notes on my teaching styles and techniques prior to my intended intervention.  The same teacher has agreed to observe my classes after 3 weeks of trialling my researched motivational  strategies aimed at boys.  I am looking forward to receiving feedback on my observation and will blog the findings.

At the start of the lesson I am going to explain briefly to the Students that I have an observer in the class who will be assessing my teaching skills and making notes during the warm-up session of the class. I am also going to inform them of the changes I will be making to the warm-up section of the class over the coming weeks and will ask for their help in evaluating these changes. 

 I have designed an evaluation form for the Student identifiable only by gender and age. I feel it is important that the Students feel involved and that their contribution is valued. evaluation form 

Interviews with Teachers
I have identified several willing volunteers who have agreed to be videoed  interviewed, I am just in the process of devising questions that will give me the most appropriate data for my inquiry.  I am behind schedule with this part of my inquiry, but due to participants commitments I have to fit the interviews in around participants work schedules etc.  This is an important part of my research so I will need to adjust my original plan to incorporate these interviews.

Literature Review

I am in the process of analysing all the literature I have collected.  I am struggling with this part of my inquiry as I have so much information to process.  I am reading through each piece and making notes on each article and its relevance to my inquiry.


  1. Betty, That all sounds great! A topic that is close to my heart; I'm really interested to see what sort of feedback you get from your pupils.
    The rescheduling of things is part of the nature of doing work-based inquiry, isn't it. If we were working with books and papers then things would, perhaps, run more to our schedule BUT as we are interacting with others and asking for their time it is inevitable that plans will need to change and adapt to accomodate everyone :)
    Such a good idea to blog about progress though - really helps to see where you are in the grand scheme of things :)

    I hope you have a good observation session and that it provides some interesting data for you. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it over the next few weeks :)

    1. Thanks Sarah, It really is interesting that several of us have chosen to look at motivation, I think it shows how much we want to share the passion we have for dance.
      I had my observation lesson on Saturday and am just waiting for feedback. It went well a bit too well really, I think that as the Teacher observing was a man, the boys who can be disruptive, behaved!!! So there goes my rationale for intervention, forget the teaching strategies aimed at boys and just put a man in the class!! Perhaps I should re-think my research or become more masculine:). I am excited to start my interventions now and to see if they have any affect on motivation. Hope that things are going o.k. with you, have you started your motivation diary with your Students yet? Such a good idea, children are so honest and so want to please, I'm sure you will get some great data. Great to have such support from fellow Bappers as it's getting tough now:) Betty xx