Monday, 11 November 2013

Help needed to crack the coding!!

My lovely dance students much to my amazement filled in the evaluation forms, only needing a minor Haribo bribe to complete them.
Was very emotional reading the comments, have never asked anyone to evaluate my teaching before and children are so amazingly honest. Lots of good suggestions i.e.'I want to feel more out of breath' and 'would like more explanations as to why we do the excercises'. Valuable feedback that I shall reflect and act upon.
Now I have all evaluation forms I am researching ways of presenting the data gathered.
I am about to conduct my interviewing and wondered if anyone could advise any articles or books on coding as I really don't know where to start analysing my interviews.
Betty x


  1. I would be much more inclined to fill in a survey if I was bribed with Haribo! Have you re read the module 2 readers that cover coding? I have found most of what we need has already been covered in there xxx

  2. Hi Mimi, Thanks for the comment, I knew that I had read about coding somewhere, but had forgotten just where. I can see now that module two was equipping us with the skills to complete our project.
    Haribo's certainly worked, but when I carry out my intervention evaluation, I need to make sure I have enough as I ran out this time and some had to share!! . Thanks again I really value the help:) x

  3. Hi Betty, I looked at different types of coding and was so bogged down by trying to keep to that particular way of looking at things that I got utterly frustrated.
    Letting the data talk to me, through the literature that I've read, is waaaaay more satisfying and feels like I'm listening to what my students are saying and not trying to fit them into someone else's categories.

  4. Wow Sarah, that seems much more rewarding and constructive than sifting through questionnaires and interviews using coding strategies. I agree that coding seems automated and inflexible it doesn't take into consideration the way the sentences are structured or the emotions and feeling of the spoken word. I am only concerned that I might read my own opinions into my data and will need to remain objective when I analyse my data. Thanks for your input, it helps to know that we are bouncing ideas off one another. Betty x

  5. Betty get in contact so we can discuss - lots of ways to do this but keeping it simple is best. Call me!