Saturday, 8 February 2014


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  • I have decided to make some changes to my original inquiry.  I have done this for several reasons.  My initial plan had been to video interview a selection of Teachers from both mainstream education and the  performing arts sectors to produce a montage of clips with useful advice and tips from Teachers on motivating Boys. However, having piloted one interview, I realised very quickly that this was not a good data medium for my inquiry or artefact.
Rationale for Changes
  • I was only able to interview a small number of teachers and therefore representation would be limited to only a small number.
  • Teachers I approached particularly from mainstream education felt uncomfortable being videoed.
  • Teachers I approached felt that they would be unable to be totally honest in their opinions without the security of anonymity.
  •  The pilot interview I conducted was awkward and I felt that the interviewee was unable to express their true feeling and emotions on the subject with a third party being in the room filming.
  • Having conducted a Teachers questionnaire with great results, I believe that all the valuable tips and advice from teachers with knowledge and expertise would be lost among the pages of my dissertation. Producing a booklet using all the information received from questionnaires, my interventions, telephone interviews would provide me with valuable information to create a really useful booklet.  
Is anyone else thinking of producing a booklet?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Betty x

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