Friday, 7 February 2014

Keep calm and carry on - module 3

Welcome back fellow bloggers. Wishing everyone a  good 2014. 

Having some time to reflect on my inquiry has been great for me, I have been able to sit back and look at what I've achieved so far and plan the direction I want my inquiry to go.

At the end of last term I was bogged down with literature reviews, questionnaires, evaluations, interviews etc., I  struggled with time management and work commitments and I lost focus.
Setting it to one side has given me time to reflect on what I want to achieve from my inquiry and the changes I need to make to my practice to keep my inquiry on track.
I have had great support and feedback from the SIG groups, and I am relieved that the groups formed in module 2 are still going to continue even though many have now submitted their final dissertation.

The SIG groups have been and are a lifeline to me, somewhere where I feel comfortable sharing ideas, asking for advice, and a place where I have been able to express my worries and concerns without feeling I'm asking 'stupid' questions or being judged.  It is quite amazing the bond and connections that have been built with strangers via the SIG groups.

I am currently writing all my proposed changes to my inquiry and hope to get them up on here soon.

 I am enjoying reading everyone's blogs and am looking forward to making new friends.

Betty xx


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