Thursday, 27 February 2014


Thought I would share this you tube video  for all those studying boys in dance.

Getting Boys to Dance

Also these video links which are both really interesting to those looking at teaching and learning strategies for boys in the dance class.

BOYS CAN DANCE  (if this link doesn't work then you will need to sign up / it's free to join and is full of valuable advice and for Teachers.

Betty x


  1. Interesting topic - what have you found out so far on you inquiry? Thanks for string these links. Gender can be a big factor in education - I expect you have a few gender related theories in your literature review…
    I just did a bit of googling but probably specific authors might need to be sought on the university Library system - using Summon

    1. Thanks Paula, your links are a great help. I have researched lots of reasons for the gender learning gap and these have formed the basis of my inquiry and my literature review. There are so many things that influence boys learning psyche in the dance class, from biological reasons to social stigma. I have found lots of research. However, I have struggled to find much on the behaviour of boys once in the dance class. Betty x